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Production results

Mine production

Ore extraction by dry weight in 2011 was higher by 414.8 thousand tonnes than in 2010, and amounted to 29.7 million tonnes. The increase in extraction in 2011 was due to an increase in daily extraction on working days and an intensification of work on days legally free from work.

The average copper content in extracted ore amounted to 1.61% and was lower than that achieved in – 1.64 %. The decrease in Cu content in extracted ore was due to work in regions with lower copper ore mineralisation.

Despite the increase in ore extraction, the decrease in its quality led to a decrease in copper content in extracted ore. The amount of Cu in extracted ore was lower than that achieved in 2010 by 1320 t Cu (i.e. by 0.3 %) and amounted to 479 257 t.

The amount of ore processed increased by 555.6 thousand tonnes versus 2010. The increase in the amount of Cu in ore directly impacted the amount of copper in concentrate. Copper in concentrate was higher by 1 218 t than the amount produced in 2010 ( an increase of 0.3 % ).

Produkcja hutnicza

Smelter production

The production of electrolytic copper increased in 2011 versus the prior year by nearly 24 thousand tonnes, i.e. 4.4% and reached the highest level in KGHM’s history, i.e. 571 041 t. This was achieved thanks to optimisation of production, various modifications and the competent management of machines and equipment, resulting in enhanced efficiency, the effective use of time and the continued high recovery rates for copper and silver. The increase in production was also due to higher processing of own concentrate and higher use of purchased copper-bearing materials in the form of scrap, copper blister and imported concentrate.

The augmentation of own concentrates with purchased copper-bearing materials enabled the effective utilisation of existing technological abilities.

The production of other smelter products (silver, wire rod, OFE and CuAg rod and round billets) depends on the level of electrolytic copper production, the type of raw materials used and on market demand.

After four years of work the Lead Refinery exceeded 100 thousand tonnes of accrued refined lead production, achieving a record recovery of lead and silver. After 32 years and 7 months of operation by the HM Cedynia wire rod plant, the 5 millionth tonne of wire rod was produced.

Mine production in 2010–2011



  2010 2011
Ore extraction (dry weight)

000 t

  29 303 29 718

of which mineral extracted from ore

000 t

  22 448 22 985

Copper content in ore


  1,64 1,61

Copper concentrate (dry weight)

000 t

  1 841 1 875

Copper content in concentrate


  23,11 22,75


Smelter production in 2010–2011



  2010 2011

Electrolytic copper

'000 t

  547,1 571,0

Wire rod

'000 t

  237,3 226,2

OFE and CuAg rod

'000 t

  16,1 16,4

Round billets

'000 t

  18,7 20,3

Metallic silver


  1 161 1 260



  775,8 703,8
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